Opinion Leaders & Policy Influencers

When you want to find out how opinion leaders, policy influencers and Washington DC insiders consume, digest and use media, there is just one place to go.  Erdos Media Research’s Opinion Leaders Syndicated Study has been cited as the gold standard for identifying and surveying individuals whose influence on a variety of issues – business, social, political, environmental and educational — far exceeds their numbers in the population.  We have a proven track record for accessing these important, busy people, knowing how to talk to them and getting them to consistently provide usable insights.

The expertise gained by conducting our Opinion Leaders Syndicated Study has provided unique insights into how to conduct custom research among this influential group. We know how best to access this hard to reach group and do so on a regular basis.

The Opinion Leaders Study helps media companies:
Verify the value of their brand
Identify the types of opinion leaders engaged with their brand and impacting specific issues
Understand how their brands are perceived and their platforms are used by these leaders
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