We're dedicated to the markets that matter the most to you.

At Erdos Media Research we take a targeted approach in order to conduct a deep drive into the markets that matter the most to our clients. Our primary focus is media market research with an emphasis in the Financial, Business and Political markets.

Discover current perceptions on issues, products and service and the media used to influence those perceptions.


Senior Level Executives make major decisions that impact their companies and the economy. These decisions often include policy decisions that impact purchasing habits for their company. We reach a variety of different types of executives. Let us help you gain vital insights from this influential group.

financial advisor

EMR has a proprietary database of Financial Advisors that we use for both custom and syndicated studies. This includes studies related to media consumption and advertising concepts and impact.

High Net Worth

High Net Worth Individuals are a desirable group because of their spending power. We know how to engage this sought after target market to help best understand their motivation and media engagement.

opinion leaders

When you want to find out how opinion leaders, policy influencers and Washington DC insiders consume, digest and use media, turn to the  Erdos Media Research’s Opinion Leaders Syndicated Study. It is the gold standard for identifying and surveying individuals whose influence on a variety of issues – business, social, political, environmental and educational — far exceeds their numbers in the population.  We also conduct custom research among this sought after target audience.