Multichannel Subscribers: Evaluation of Basic Cable Networks/Organizations

In June/July, an online survey will be conducted among a national sample of 1500 cable/satellite TV subscribers. The questionnaire will include the following:

  1. Favorite cable networks – Respondents name their five favorite basic/ expanded basic channels.
  2. Whether ever watched specific cable networks.
  3. Satisfaction with cable networks – Respondents rate each channel viewed on the scale “Very Satisfied,” “Fairly Satisfied,” “Not Very Satisfied,” or “Not At All Satisfied.”
  4. Programming Quality of Cable Network – Respondents rate each channel viewed on a scale of 1 to 5 where “5” means “Excellent” and “1” means “Poor.”
  5. Importance of Cable Network – Respondents indicate whether network is important or unimportant to enjoyment of cable.
  6. Perceived Value of Cable Network – Persons who ever watch, estimate the amount that a network would be worth, if it were sold by itself.
  7. Being a Must Have Network – Respondents rate each channel viewed on a scale of 1 to 5 where “5” means “it’s must have channel on your cable channel lineup and “1” means “it’s a channel not at all needed on your channel lineup”
  8. Likelihood to switch cable provider if important cable channels are dropped.
  9. Profile of Sample – Internet usage, social media usage, viewership of TV on smartphone/ tablet, viewership of streaming networks, interest in dropping cable TV, marital status, presence of teens or children, age, education, occupation, household income, MSO of respondent.

The study measures over 40 basic cable networks.

Results are reported separately among age/sex groups, Comcast subscribers, Charter/ Spectrum subscribers, DBS Subscribers, Telco TV subscribers, heavy social media users, viewers of TV on smartphone/ tablet, heavy streaming network viewers, persons who would definitely switch cable provider if important channels were dropped, and persons interested in dropping cable TV.