With stiff competition across channels and a bewildering array of formats, media companies have to be smarter than ever in how they present their value proposition to prospective advertisers.  They must meet or exceed expectations of advertisers.  It is tough to grow circulation, keep audience engagement high, and costs down.  And at the same time, continue to be creative in exploring new revenue models and offering a variety of advertising and sponsorship options while still safeguarding against technology-enabled threats, such as security and privacy concerns.

Erdos Media Research helps our media clients – broadcast, print and digital – monetize their brands by providing data that can pinpoint the real value you offer. This is especially true as consumption by platform shifts. Media is no longer consumed in silos but rather across a multitude of channels. Erdos Media Research understands the value and difference between current and emerging channels.

Our work for Media companies includes:

  • Market Studies
  • Subscriber Studies
  • Effectiveness Studies

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