Subscriber Studies

Subscriber studies are a great way to increase advertising revenue by demonstrating the value of your media brand to current and potential sponsors. Having an independent research company conduct the study provides credibility and objectivity. 

Custom Subscriber Studies

Erdos Media Research provides that expertise. Our team has been conducting subscriber studies for over 30 years. We know how to define what you are looking for and design a study to meet your needs. Whether you prefer online surveys, mail surveys, or a combination of both, we know how to get it done. Beyond the positive information you will receive, your sponsors like to see that you are willing to invest in your brand. 

We design and conduct subscriber studies that are used by the sales and marketing teams to help generate ad revenue. Arm your sales force with reliable, current subscriber data that will help them get the most out of their sales efforts. Now is the time to start planning your next subscriber study so that results are ready when your sales force needs it most.

Data For Print and Digital Publishers

Newspaper and magazine editorial teams use subscriber studies to identify the needs and wants of their readers, viewers, and subscribers. They are a terrific way to receive feedback regarding your editorial product. What length of articles are your subscribers looking for? What topics are they most interested in? What format do they prefer? We help to ensure that the editorial team delivers the most sought after content in the most desirable format.  

A subscriber study at one point was called a readership study, however, this type of study is no longer limited to print media. Digital media is an important part of any media brand. Digital media should be included in any study in order to get a comprehensive understanding of your media brand’s total impact. Print and digital brand impact are reported in combination and separately so that your sales force can maximize the results of the study. 

We can also conduct viewership subscriber studies for digital-only media brands. 

Contact Erdos Media Research to help you get the most out of your next subscriber study.